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What is the Law of Attraction & How To Use It10 min read

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a popular and mysterious theory that’s been around for a while now.

It consists in the fact that what you believe and what you surround yourself with is what you will ultimately manifest in your life.

Whether we are doing it intentionally or unintentionally, every second of our existence, we are acting as human magnets sending out our thoughts and emotions and attracting back more of what we have put out.

Consequently, leaving your thoughts and emotions unchecked is the easiest and foolish thing to do. This sends out the wrong thoughts and attracts more unwanted emotions and events into your life.

brain who surround himself with good thoughts

The concept of the Law of Attraction is fundamentally an ancient concept embedded in universal laws.

It asserts that our life is our own creation. We, as a consciousness, have the ability to influence and create our life events.

Many of us have already experienced the manifestation of something that we imagined. 

To understand the strength of this law you need to imagine what will happen if you use your thoughts like a laser.

If you focus your thoughts on one thing, how this idea can be inked in your mind. Imagine the strength of this thought. This is the way that I personally like about this law.

If you focus your thoughts on something, all your efforts will be focused on this objective, this thought. By being always scattered you go nowhere. 

To go deeper we recommend you to listen to Bob Proctor’s interventions about the Law of Attraction. 

The Science

Quantum physics offer a possible explanation for the feasibility of this law. One of the founding fathers of quantum physics and Nobel Prize winner Max Planck once said:

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.” Max Planck

The work of quantum physicists during recent years has helped to bring light to the incredible impact that the power of the mind has on our lives and the universe in general. 

This endless and intelligent mind is the entity our ancestors referred to as infinite consciousness.

It’s believed that we, being part of the infinite and powerful consciousness, have the ability to influence matter and fulfill our desires.

This revelation is proved by various research studies conducted on prayer, which is a powerful tool for manifestation.

In one study, women who had been prayed for had nearly twice the rate of pregnancy as those who were not prayed for.

Another study conducted on 22 bush babies states that the animals who were prayed for had a greater improvement in wound size versus those who weren’t prayed for. 

Another study conducted by French researcher René Peoc’h had an interesting result. The experiment involved a self-propelled robot that normally wandered aimlessly and randomly around a room.

When a cage filled with live chicks was brought in, the chicks imprinted on the robot as if it was their mother, and the robot started spending more time in the area that was closer to the chicks.

Peoc’h concluded that the intention of the chicks to stay close to the robot (their perceived mother) manifested dramatic change in the robot’s movements.

Some Studies that have a link with the Law of Attraction:

-Korean researchers, Ji Young Jung et al found that there was a strong connection between positive thinking and overall life satisfaction in the population. This echoes the sentiments of scholars who suggest positive thinking exercises as a way to boost manifestation potential.

-Scientists working at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at the Institute of Neurology in London have discovered that people who visualize a better future are more likely to be able to bring that future into existence.

-Affirmations: another key tool in the Law of Attraction arsenal is the affirmations, they are well-supported in the psychological literature.

For instance, one researcher at the University of Exeter has published on constructive repetitive thought. They found that people who consistently tell themselves that they can meet a goal are more likely to secure a positive outcome.

Affirmations demonstrated to help with recovery from trauma, improve anticipatory planning, aid treatment for depression, and boost physical health.

girl who makes a heart with her hands

-A wide part of the Law of Attraction is learning to be an open, happy person who vibrates on a high frequency and induces a positive response in others. The way in which we spread good attitudes toward other people and attract kindness, generosity, and success can be partly explained with reference to mirror neurons—neurons that “mirror” the behavior we observe.

In other words, when someone sees you radiating positivity, this same response is mirrored in the brain of the observer. This can draw them to act positively towards you as well. Meanwhile, studies on the amygdala (the brain’s emotional center) show that we induce feelings of fear and anxiety in others if we ourselves are fearful or anxious!

This is further evidence to explain the Law of Attraction theorist’s claim that negative thinking can prevent success, well-being, love, and human connection.

The Problem That Must Be Taken Into Account

The biggest problems with this theory, beyond the fact that it is complete pseudoscience with no basis in actual science, are that it is very ableist and lays personal blame back on the person for anything negative that comes into their life.

 It also encourages inaction to the point of illusion. You are supposed to live as if you have already achieved what you want.

If you envision health and wealth for yourself, you must already live as if you have achieved those goals. All faith is put into the universe to find a way to make it happen as long as you just believe.

Many of us that are struggling with serious or chronic health conditions simply do not have the luxury of embracing the Law of Attraction.

By that way of thinking, we can stupidly say that someone who is unable to walk after an accident doesn’t need physical therapy.

Someone who is struggling with addiction shouldn’t attend support groups.

Anyone who wants to run a marathon just needs to believe that they can do it.

Anyone who wants to be healthy and well just needs to believe that they are.

For many of us, the reality is that life is a daily struggle. No amount of well-wishing or positive thinking will whisk away our health conditions.

While an able-bodied person might be able to run a marathon simply because they believe in their ability to do so, someone with mobility issues is never afforded that same luxury. 

Likewise, while merely thinking positive thoughts and embracing positive vibes may automatically put an otherwise healthy person in a better frame of mind, it will not erase medical conditions such as depression.

We are not to blame for our medical conditions. We do not have them simply because we are not trying hard enough.

All the positive thinking in the world will not will away our diagnosis.

Therefore, I recommend that you’ll be steadfast, seek help when needed, and trust in science and doctors to help improve our situation and our lives, not the universe to deliver because we think a few happy thoughts.

But as you’ll guess, we are not going to stop ourselves on a “this theory is stupid”.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction

First, you need to think about the law of attraction as gravity.

Gravity is an undeniable law of our universe. And understanding the law of gravity allows you to predict what will happen.

It’s the same for the law of attraction.

Let’s have a look at some uncomplicated ways in which we can practice this powerful concept to see changes in our life:

1. Get clarity on your outcome

This step is like the base of a building: Without it, nothing stands tall. You need to be crystal clear about the outcome you seek and the intention behind it.

There shouldn’t be any vague idea about it in your mind. An image in the mind must represent your upshot.

2. Get in a gratitude state

“GIGS,” as I call it, is all about tapping the power of gratitude. Gratitude is an energy amplifier. It puts us in a powerful manifestation state.

The key is to practice gratitude for events and things you are truly thankful for.

3. Visualize

Once you have a clear intention and feel grateful, start visualizing the outcome. The steps should be followed seamlessly.

Visualization should be so realistic that you should feel like the event is being lived by you at that moment itself and you feel the emotional and mental intensity of its occurrence.

If you can remember a fearful thought and feel the fear, you can also remember a beautiful experience and feel good.

4. Surrender

Come hell or high water, you must surrender. You must surrender the outcome to greater intelligence. This helps you detach. Hence, you won’t generate fear or doubt in the process. Faith moves mountains.

Furthermore, you need to make your decision, like we said before it’s important to don’t have scattered thoughts.

Also, you need to open up to the possibilities, you are allowing to dream, to imagine them.

The final piece of the law of attraction is persistence, in everything you’re doing in your life you need to be persistent, like we saw before making your thought a laser is incredibly effective and you need to be persistent with this thought. 

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  Albert Einstein

What can it bring into your life?

  1. Attract Money
  2. Manifest Love and Relationships
  3. Improve your health (The Law of Attraction works with thoughts and thoughts affect our physical reality, you may be attracting poor health into your life right now without even realizing it.)
  4. Spiritual Awakening
  5. Have More Fun


Even if the law of attraction was false, if she was only a part of the imagination of the human-invented to reassure him. The law of attraction is still very important. The human can do great things by only persuading himself that he can do it, that this is possible. You need to take the law of attraction as a way to foster you in what you want. If you really want something, to attain something in your life, you will persuade yourself that you can do it, your thoughts will be focused on this thing. If you attain this level of desire, for something, you will obtain all the motivation that you need to attain this objective. Furthermore, the theory of something beyond us, is not to be put in the trash. There is so many things that we don’t know. Isaac Newton said, “What we know is a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean”. Believing in yourself, no matter what you’re going through, and believing in your dreams is the only thing that you need to keep in your head about the law of attraction


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