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Yes, the truth may hurt but lies will become a crutch and will cripple you.
Stephen T. Scott, Wings To Fly – Page 7
Truth Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
The truth makes all things complete, it brings things to fulfillment, and it brings thing to an end. It completes the circle of life and reality.
E. B. Staples, What Is the Truth?

Being truthful to ourselves can help us develop the right mindset and help us to become more willing to doing a selfassessment.
Michael W. Barnett, Black Men Be Truthful to Yourselves and Arise

A man can’t be happy with money and success only but with the practice of being positive with it.
Deepak Gupta, The Habit of Positivity
Positive Life

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Positive memories are a miracle of the heart.
Steve Ward, Finding Your Positives

By opening our hearts and minds, positive emotions allow us to discover and build new skills, new ties, new knowledge and new ways of being.”
Barbara Fredrickson, Positivity


If we can keep showing up, keep challenging our fears, keep pressing into the power we already possess, these fights will eventually be won.
Carly Fiorina, Find Your Way
Challenge Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
In order to stay motivated and focused it is essential to challenge yourself daily.
Angelines Serrato, Self Development

I always accept a challenge, it helps me discover myself to do something new.
Journal of the University Film Association


Control your emotion, or it will control you.
Lea Kliem, Regulating Emotions
Emotion Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
If you cannot control your emotion, you cannot control your money.
Innocent C. Enyinna, Success Without Brain

Never let your emotion of sorrow or regret show.
Sihle B.V. Ntshingila, Let Your Greatness Become A Reality


Desire fuels our search for the life we prize.
John Eldredge, Dare to Desire
Desire Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Desire fuels the need to acquire and produce knowledge, which in turn serves to rationalise and help fulfil desire.
Chengxin Pan, Knowledge, Desire and Power in Global Politics

Desire is everything, of course. It is how we live. It is what moves us about our day.
The Downside Review


Look at the sky; feel the rain on your face, your hands, your smile.
Glenn Berkenkamp, Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp
Sky Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Think of yourself as a vast, blue sky, and of your emotions as clouds that come and go.
Laurie Cameron, The Mindful Day

As a living, breathing lake you reflect the beauty of your natural surroundings and the ever-changing sky above.
Shamash Alidina, The Mindful Way Through Stress


I miss you so much. I can’t touch you. You took everything I love with you. But I can still feel you.
‎Carole Braverman, Bottled Notes from Underground
Miss You Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
I miss you with every breath that I take, and I can’t wait till I get to see your beautiful face again.
Nicole Edwards, Curtis

Morning comes but once a day, And that’s enough for me, I face each day without you, Making do with misery.
M. C. Newberry, Singing Words


Love is happiness, Love is life.
Thomas Henry Burrowes, The Pennsylvania School Journal
Short Love Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Mature love is energizing; immature love is exhausting.
Sol Gordon, Why Love is Not Enough

When love is awakened in our inner being, our perception of the universe undergoes a vast change.
Andrew Vidich, Love is a Secret


Honesty is the first ingredient to create self-confidence.
NK Sondhi, ‎General Press, Small Things Matter Most
Honesty Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
A big part of being honest with yourself is to frequently question your own logic and correct it when it’s wrong.
Paul Skornik, Finally! the Stuff You Really Need to Improve Your Life

If you live with honesty and fairness, you know what truth and justice are.
Elizabeth B. Brown, Living Successfully with Screwed-Up People


I will shine again even though I know the clouds of life will come-and go; again I will be strong and determined.
Shirley Jones-Witcher, From My Heart
Cloud Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
The clouds remind me that life isn’t always clear blue sky, and sometimes the sun is obstructed.
Lawrence Mollot, Letters to the Wise One

Memories are like clouds, moving restlessly between heaven and earth, stimulating imagination and stirring emotion.
Clay in Art International


Sit in the lush greenness of the forest and you will sense her vibrant life force all around you.
Roz Winters,A Journey to the Sacred Shore
Forest Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:

The forest forecasts our future in every breath it takes and every seed it releases into the leaf mold of the forest floor.
Diana Beresford-Kroege, The Global Forest

Every day in the forest was a day of discovery.
Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees


Every storm we face—whether it’s heavenly or hellish or human in origin—brings a fresh invitation for us to love our neighbors.
Mark Stibbe, Riding Out the Corona Storm
Storm Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
With every storm we face, an angel is in the shadows awaiting his cue to step up with a message of hope and encouragement.
Glenn Procopio, So That’s Why I Keep Doing This!

There are only two things you can control when your storm strikes: your attitude toward the storm and your actions during the storm.
Guy G. Goodell, What to Do When Your Storm Strikes


Know how to change your mindset so that you can steer it towards success.
DAVID NAIR, I- eXceL Wired For Success:
Mindset Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
If you can manipulate your mindset and begin viewing obstacles as opportunities, you’ll have better confidence when entering the situation.
Peter H. Engel, Business Presentations and Public Speaking

You will find when you take emotion out of the picture and give the mindset a good reason to do something, it’s easy to do it and get on with your life.
Lora Jets, how to master


Your willpower teaches us that every mountain is an opportunity to touch the sky.
Dan Bullock, ‎Raul Sanchez, How to Communicate Effectively With Anyone, Anywhere
Mountain Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
I just feel at home in the mountains. It’s who I am, plain and simple
Skiing – Dec 2001

It’s on the mountain that God reveals to us our weaknesses and insecurities. We find in our relationship with him strength we didn’t know existed.
Jarrett Stephens, The Mountains Are Calling


In solitude you will find yourselves, and the pure thoughts will be realized.
Brian Mellor, Joseph of Arimathea
Solitude Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
I love being alone. I love reading alone. I love thinking alone.
Zoe Sallis Author, Ten Eternal Questions

You are no farther from solitude than your own heart. You cannot escape solitude’s workings in your life.
Sr Mary Paul Cutri OCD, Sounding Solitude


Growth is a part of change and change is a constant in our world.
Michigan. Governor, Addresses and Special Messages
Growth Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Use your mind, grow your mind, and grow your life’s experiences through learning.
Matthew D. Mohr, Maintaining Motivation

Read to learn, to enrich your thinking, to grow your mind and thus your being.
Lee Thayer, Doing Life a Pragmatist Manifesto


People who live a life of simplicity seem to hold more value in sharing than hoarding.
Marlene C. Bertrand, From Riches to Rags to Right-Sized Living
Simple Life Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
The idea is simple: if you aren’t sure you want to get rid of something, live without it for a while and then decide whether it’s necessary to you or superfluous.
Joshua Becker, The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own

A simple life brings so much comfort and it allows us to be in peace.
Sri Narayani Peedam, Connect With The Divine Vol – 5


Give yourself a proud smile and show yourself some love.
Kacy Duke, ‎Selene Yeager, The SHOW IT LOVE Workout
Love Yourself Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:

Show yourself some love. For not until we are able to express some overdue love for ourselves, can we effectively love someone else?
Roy Lee Brown, Daddy, When I Grow Up Will My Vote Count?

Once you start to love yourself truly as you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses – pounds and all—you’ll naturally start to take better care of yourself, mind and body, heart and soul.
Brian Alman, ‎Stephen Montgomery, Keep It Off


Generosity is like the sea; and yet the sea hath its bounds.
Generosity Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
The whole effect of generosity is in the love of doing good.
Robert Fleming

An act of generosity is a seed, which even dropped by chance, springs up a flower.


We live with Integrity when there is no separation between our feelings and our actions, our thoughts and our words.
Human Angels
Integrity Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Integrity is about how our actions match our words. In fact, actions trump words.
Susan V. Vogt ,Raising Kids Who Will Make a Difference

Integrity involves both the uniqueness of who I am as a person and the integration of the values and wisdom that guide me.
Ronald J. Greer, If You Know Who You Are, You Will Know What to Do


The river is immense, and it has the capacity to receive, embrace and transform. If our hearts are big, we can be like the river.
Thich Nhat Hanh, Teachings on Love: Easyread Edition
River Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
By learning how to successfully fight without fighting, you remain free of injury and are allowed to become like the river—flowing to its destination, encountering and moving around all obstacles.
Scott Shaw, The Tao of Self-Defense

Like the river which never stops flowing until it reaches the ocean, this life is your opportunity to continue flowing down the path of enlightenment, ultimately merging with the cosmic wholeness of divine illumination.
Scott Shaw, Samurai Zen


The hardest day is the day you say goodbye.
Karen Maezen Miller, Momma Zen
Goodbye Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
As with every meaningful life experience, goodbye is the hardest part. It is necessary to feel closure, and it is necessary to go on to another day.
Jennifer Sutton Holder, Parting

Like the other stages of grief, saying goodbye is not as easy as it sounds. Saying goodbye requires us to make our loss a memory.
Donnie D. Davis, Getting the Axe Without Losing Your Head


We can live life with deliberate intention rather than living aimlessly. We can live life with a sense of excitement.
Katy Bennett, Irreplaceable – Page 108
Live Life Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
The mere awareness of the Mind swinging between past and future depicts the present moment. Live life in awareness.
Ramesh Kuppuswamy, Revelation: A Path Walked: A Catalyst to Transform Your Life

The secret to living life to the fullest is to say yes to opportunities for new experiences.
World Astrology, ‎World Astrology Staff, Capricorn 2003


To me, happiness is living an authentic life and following your heart and inspiration.
Jason Norman, Actors in Action
Happiness Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Happiness depends on our perspective, how we look at life. If we decide to see the glass half full, we are happy.
Bikem Ozturk, Fire in the Dancing Heart: Reflections on Life and Death

The secret to happiness is being able to distinguish between what you need and what you want; what you have and what you desire.
John P. Gawlak, When Memories Nudge You Softly


Karma will always come back to you, good or bad.
Karma Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:

No matter how long it may take, karma will always find those whom it seeks. An ill-intentioned person will never care to understand the damage they did to someone until the same is done to them.
Stacey Ritz, The Obsession

Karma is a complex dynamic involving the molding of past, present and future. We should never reduce it to a simplistic concept of reward and punishment.
Diane Stein, Women’s Psychic Lives


Loving yourself is accepting yourself for what you enjoy and what you love; it is loving your body and loving your “flaws” too.
Jensy Scarola, Your Wide Awakening
Acceptance Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Self-acceptance starts with self-awareness, which can be one of the significant challenges for traumatized patients who have become disconnected from the body.
Sharon L. Johnson, Therapist’s Guide to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Intervention

Start accepting yourself for the illuminating individual that you are, while allowing those that you cherish to celebrate your true colors.
Nancy Loss, S.P.A.R.K.L.E


Reflection enables us to discern the next step even if we are not clear about the next mile.
Alan Smith, ‎Peter Shaw, The Reflective Leader: Standing Still to Move Forward
Reflection Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Anger is sure to lead us astray, and make us take desperate resolutions, whereas, if we take time to reflect and grow cool, we shall save ourselves much trouble and vexation.
World, Round the world, and other stories

If we take time to reflect together on who we are and who we could choose to become , we will be led into the territory where change originates.
Roger Heuser, ‎Norman Shawchuck, Leading the Congregation


People must cherish their own values and appreciate the values of others. When all values come together, the world becomes a single unified entity.
Fei Xiaotong, Trade Governance of the Belt and Road Initiative
Appreciation Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Appreciate the fog. It is a natural part of life. It is an essential ingredient to growth.
Stephen Harrison, Appreciate the Fog: Embrace Change with Power and Purpose

Focus the energy of appreciation to attract abundance and success.
Noelle C. Nelson, ‎Jeannine Lemare Calaba, The Power of Appreciation: The Key to a Vibrant Life


Get a hold of your abundant life; it’s yours for the taking.
Aya Fubara Eneli, Live Your Abundant Life
Abundance Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Knowing ourselves is the secret to living with abundance in this world.
Venugopal Chettier, The Dream Walker

Living the Abundant Life requires that we be willing to give up the desire to worship worldly things.
Gerald Kaufman, Beyond Grace


Each time you focus on your breath, each time you relax and listen to your feelings, you open yourself to the present.
Yoga Journal
Relax Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Let your eyes relax and rest. Feel the relaxation enveloping your entire body. Become aware of the steady, slow beating of your heart and of your breath as it flows in and out.
Robert F. Allen, ‎Shirley Motter Linde, Lifegain

Regular exercise keeps people in good physical condition and has the added advantage of giving them time to relax and escape from worries .
Encyclopedia of Health – Volume 15


Easter is the time to forget failures and disappointments and begin again with renewed faith and confidence.
Railway Carmen’s Journal
Easter Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Here in this wondrous love the whole Deity is known. Easter is the day of hope.
Christian Advocate

Easter is the day that should lift our souls out of the ordinary, the commonplace, the material.
The Universalist Leader


He not only died for my sins on the cross, but also puts His angels in our paths to protect us, to help us, and to give a word of encouragement, such as, “Remember, Jesus loves you!
Stacey Lyons, Remember, Jesus Loves You
Jesus Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:

Truly, truly, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above. 3.3
Warren Carter, John: Storyteller, Interpreter, Evangelist

Trust that Jesus Christ will direct you and persevere in prayer until he does.
Sharon Beekmann, Silencing Satan


Trust is the key, and loyalty is the virtue of being trustworthy. We celebrate loyalty even though we may sometimes despair of experiencing it.
Eric Felten, Loyalty
Loyalty Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Loyalty is the fabric of society. Yet, we are living in a generation that has incredible indifference to, and difficulty in establishing, loyalty.
Gary Ryan Blair, Everything Counts

Loyalty is the will to manifest, so far as is possible, the Eternal, that is, the conscious and superhuman unity of life, in the form of the acts of an individual Self.
Douglas Waples, ‎Ernest Carl Wagner, ‎Mabel Dodge Holmes, The Poet as Philosopher


Your choice of perception determines your experience.
Elizabeth Sullivan,Transfiguration: When Perception Meets Truth
Choices Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Each choice that we make at a crossroad shapes our destiny.
Amyn Dahya,Towards Zero Conflict: Begins with You

When you are clear about your values, standards, and needs, the opportunity to make a conscious choice in any given circumstance becomes clear.
Valorie Burton, Successful Women Think Differently


When you wake up, you become attentive and mindful of yourself.
Antonella Agostini, Wake Up
Wake up Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Wake up! It’s a wonderful day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the wind rustles the leaves of the trees!
E.C. Tubb, Stellar Assignment

Wake up! It’s a beautiful day! Lots to do! Wake up!
Laura A. Sonnenmark, A Summer for Always


Live in the moment and give your full attention to it.
Reem Renno, The Treasure Within
Attention Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Listening is loving. So be sure to give your full attention to others, in all areas of your life, to excel in your communications.
Joyce Weiss, Full Speed Ahead

Give your full attention to what you desire.
Dr. Stan Gravely, The Law of Attraction Bible


Don’t let failure distract you; instead, let it guide you.
Clarence M. Lee Jr. MD, Well, My Mom Says
Failure Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Failure does not mean I’m a failure; It does mean I have not yet succeeded. Failure does not mean I have accomplished nothing; It does mean I have learned something.
John Maxwell, Your Attitude

Failure is not an option.’ In fact, however, failure is always an option and what is more, that is not a bad thing.
Terry Robson, Failure is an Option


At any given moment, if you have a good sense of well-being, then you are prosperous and are experiencing abundance, joy, harmony, happiness, and fulfillment.
Alan Batten, The Prosperity Code
Prosperity Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Any prosperity realized by humanity is like a temperamental plant in a garden; if it is tended and fed properly, it will take root and endure for many years.
E. Bernard Jordan, The Laws of Prosperity

God wants you to live a positive life in a negative world. He wants you to prosper.
Charles F. Stanley, Understanding Financial Stewardship


The depth and breadth of your authentic self is vast and limitless.
Sherrie Dillard, Discover Your Authentic Self: Be You, Be Free, Be Happy
Self Awareness Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:

Being real is essential to being truly happy, and it starts with claiming who you are and being willing to live that, day in and out.
Jennifer Blair, The True You Reimagined: Discover Your Authentic Self

The journey is a simple, one-step-at-a-time adventure that only requires a commitment to uncover your authentic self and discover that You Are the Boss of You.
Alma C. Lightbody, You’re Not the Boss of Me: Discover Your Authentic Self


Your aim should be to train yourself to be fit for your whole life. Life remains a challenge from Day One until the day you die.
Gary Player, Don’t Choke
Fitness Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Fitness is good for you. There are few other statements about our health which can be made with equal certainty.
Oliver Gillie, ‎Celia Haddon, ‎Derrik Mercer, The Sunday Times New Book of Body Maintenance

Physical fitness is but one aspect of fitness; however, it is a very significant aspect and one which is basic to other forms of excellence.
President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (U.S.), Youth Physical Fitness


Feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health is important to your self-esteem and self-image.
Sanjiv Makkar, Your health is the biggest wealth in your life-illustrated
Health Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Without your health, you cannot do anything you are intending. Your health is what will make you more productive in the end and help you to live longer in order to truly experience the things you would like to do.
Lisa Bélanger, Inspire Me Well

Regaining your health is not about applying a magical quick fix; rather, it is a reconstruction process that affects every part of your life such as creativity, job, relationships, emotions, happiness, etc.
Andreas Moritz, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation


The more we are self-aware, the more we can experience what we desire.
Aleksandra Zaric, Energy Intelligence
Self Awareness Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Self-awareness requires the freedom to approach the content of one’s inner experience as a noncritical observer, an observer interested in noting facts, not in pronouncing moral judgments.
Nathaniel Branden, The Art of Living Consciously

Self-awareness, which promotes consistent self-evaluation, is the key to developing a positive perspective over time.
Karima Mariama-Arthur, Poised for Excellence


Loneliness comes in many guises. Sometimes it is like an inner vacuum, a sense of emptiness; or it is an acute sense of desolation; a deep craving for an illdefined satisfaction.
J. Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Leadership
Loneliness Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Loneliness is painful. But, like many of the painful things we face, it is not wasted. Sometimes, in fact, loneliness is imperative for God’s work in our story.
Teresa Swanstrom Anderson, Saying Yes in the Darkness
Although loneliness hurts, we choose to be lonely because we are afraid of something that hurts even more: rejection.
Peter M. Kalellis, Twenty Secrets


When you speak “I am awake,” you are committing yourself to journey in a truth-finding adventure for that day.
Judith, Journey of the Self
Awake Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
The secret to being awake and alive and breaking out of your cocoon is to invest in your uneducation. Learn and experience life for yourself. Challenge what you have been taught.
Rumi, Go M.A.D. Make a Difference

One day when you are really awake you will be able to love –but then you will be certain about your love only.
Osho, Love, Freedom, and Aloneness


Life is about finding the balance between ability and inability, growing and dying, bindings and freedoms.
James S. Saint,Rational Metaphysics
Balance Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Balance is reached by realizing that each moment is a spiritual experience, and every action is an expression of your spiritual consciousness.
Eliott James, Living A Balanced Life

The secret to living a balanced life mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially boils down to one thing—PRIORITIES.
Joy Clary Brown, The Creation Diet


In all reality, fear only exists in your mind. Yes, it is very powerful there, but ultimately, you rule who the master is.
Dr. John F. Stagl, Stop the Rain Dance
Fear Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:

It’s our fear of the unknown that makes us distort true concepts into their fixed opposite.
Jill Loree, Blinded by Fear

See the colors; see the happy faces of your loved ones smiling as they enjoy the you without fear. Smell the smells, feel the joy of the you without fear.
Dennis Allyn, Fear Is the Mind Killer


Some heroes are made in a moment. Others are defined by a lifetime.
John F. MacArthur, Twelve Unlikely Heroes
Hero Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
A hero is someone who tries to lift up your head when you are discouraged.
Storm Lake St. Mary’s, The Hero Within

hero or victim? It’s all in the perspective.
Noah Blumenthal, Be the Hero


Let your dreams explore your soul, just like love explores your heart.
Aranyaa Pattiak, Guilds Of Your Dreams
Dream Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Dreaming is stretching the real beyond the limits of the present. Dreaming is not being bound by the merely possible.
Ann Wilson Schaef, Follow Your Dreams

Dream until your heart is content, but when you dream, dream of the future and not of the past.
Listen – Volume 49


Prayer is to change our hearts and to bring us into harmony with God.
Ruthie Jacobsen, The Difference is Prayer
Prayer Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Prayer is the most powerful source of communicating with God. Not only does it give you a spiritual voice, praying puts calm in your heart.
Lonnie E. Pruitt, Prayer Is Our Power

God intends for His children to be strong in the faith. This strength comes from prayer. Prayer is the conduit to God’s power.
Rev. Frank Abrahamsen, A Study on Prayer


Your imagination is the key to your future.
L. Nelson McAlexander, Prison – the Key to Stay Free
Imagination Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
As our knowledge grows, our imagination will lead to extremely exciting advances throughout all areas of life.
John E. Wade II, Wisdom for Heaven on Earth

Imagination is the core of desire, it acts at the core of metaphor.
Anne Carson, Eros the Bittersweet: An Essay


We each have a purpose and something special and unique to offer.
Juliana Park, The Abundance Loop
Purpose Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
From a wider perspective we see that we all have some deep purpose in life, and our goal is to uncover this purpose and express it in our work.
Marc Lesser, Z.B.A.

We have fellowship to encourage and maintain our faith and purpose so that together we’re complete, lacking nothing, including our joy.
Mari Keisling,Living in the Light of God’S Love


Live in the present moment, focus on what needs to be done, and the future will take care of itself.
Marc Edwards, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Yagyas
Present Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
So, live life in the present, enjoy each moment, value each event: be able to stop and admire a flower that bursts into bloom, or the baby who stands for the first time, or the child who returns home from school with some success, or the partner who has something to share.
Richard Denny, Succeed For Yourself

When the present is beautiful. Why do you dream about tomorrow? when you are alive today.
Melvin Ricks, To: Die Before You Die


But if you believe nothing else, believe this—I love my son with all my heart
Teresa Southwick, ‎Robyn Donald, ‎Nancy Robards Thompson, The Prince Charming Collection
Son Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:

From that moment on I know my son is my strength, With him by my side never shall I break, The reason for this is simple and obvious to see, My son is my life, my world and the best part of me,
Darlene Christina Moore, Words from the Heart

My son is my joy and salvation when things get to the point that I want to bail out of it all.
Zelda T. Partee, Eyes of the Soul


The mind can be a limiter. The emotions are the liberator.
Robin Sharma, Daily Inspiration From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Daily Inspiration Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Do not come to the end of your life only to find you have not lived. For many come to the point of leaving the space of the earth and when they gaze back, they see the joy and the beauty that could not be theirs because of the fears they lived.
Jeff Hutchens, The Coaching Calendar

Beauty is more than skin deep. True beauty comes from within, and manifests outward.
Aurora Dawn, Daily Inspiration For Women


Good morning! I hope today gives you a break from what weighs you down and helps you enjoy what frees you.
Denise M. Brown
Good Morning Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
It is indeed a very good morning, The sun is pleasant and the small birds are singing.
The Smart Set – 1900

Good morning! Remember the day Brings duties and pleasures combined: Neglect not your work for your play; Or trouble and sorrow you’ll find.
Frances Upcher Cousens – 1864


Moreover, every day is the dawn of creation, for every day is unique and comes for the first time and the last.
John C. H. Wu, ‎Jingxiong Wu, The Golden Age of Zen
Unique Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Everything and everyone is unique, but we don’t become unique and different by adapting uniqueness to who we are, we are different by being who we are, by being in touch with our true essence and allowing this uniqueness to blossom.
Regina Norlinde, The Power of Being Different – Embrace Your Uniqueness

My prayer is that you will keep the right perspective, focusing on the good, not taking things for granted, and recognizing that every day is unique and irreplaceable.
Joel Osteen, Every Day a Friday


Each tiny promise is a step on your journey of transformation.
Chris Powell, Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life
Promise Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Fears can be powerful and some people allow them to rule their life. Promise yourself today that you will never be one of those people.
Mark Black, Live Life From The Heart

Now is the time to make a promise to yourself to radically change your life. To break your bad habits. To take care of yourself every day in a way that you never have before.
Chris Wark, Beat Cancer Daily


The Spring is our reminder of the renewal of good.
Paul Louis Marx, Meggan of Greenwood
Spring Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
The storms of winter may darken our horizon, and beneath its icy touch nature may droop and die; but the breath of spring will come, and all will be beauty, life, and gladness again.
James Cochrane, The World to Come

Spring, so gentle, so subtle, creeps up on winter, and awakens from its deep sleep, ever so gracefully, like a newborn child, innocent and new.
Jonathan P. Lamas, Out on My Own


You need to take charge of your actions and be accountable for your life.
Ivan Herald, Living Outside the Box
Accountability Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Holding yourself accountable is the key to being successful and making sure that your goals are reached.
Dr. Dione Milan K. Washington, Living the Life You Love

Be accountable for your actions and attitudes. Find the truth and be honest!
JasperOne: Discovering Unity with God and One Another


My family might be crazy, but they’re my kind of crazy.
, You Owe Me a Murder
Family Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:

Be sure to appreciate your family each day and thank God for their presence in your life.
Clarence Shuler, Your Wife Can Be Your Best Friend

Family brings hardship. But it also brings much joy. This is the irony of family.
Glenn T. Stanton, ‎Leon C. Wirth, The Family Project: How God’s Design Reveals His Best for You


Wisdom is knowledge leavened by love, tempered by prudence and structured by values.
The Month
Wisdom Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
That is the secret to wisdom: When you desire wisdom as you have just desired air, then you will have it.
Orok Orokita, The Power to Achieve Your Financial Goals

I have learned that the key to wisdom is humility because that is the condition in which learning can take place and change is possible.
Joseph K. Chan, The Way I See It


Giving is a response of the heart triggered by God’s grace. We give because God first gave to us.
Wesley K. Willmer, A Revolution in Generosity
God’s Grace Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Gods grace makes provision for our past, our present, and our future.
Nathi Zondi, I Live by Grace: The Power of God’s Grace
Although grace is free, it is not cheap. We must never take the grace of God for granted, but rather live in thankful obedience as a result of understanding this amazing and unmerited favor god has bestowed on us.

Karol Ladd, Becoming a Woman of the Word: Knowing, Loving, and Living The Bible


Value your ability to perceive well and to communicate well with others. This ability does not develop without your time, your interest, and your effort.
Maureen O’Brien Flaherty, Communications and Relationships in Nursing
Ability Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
My ability to stay in the present has been a useful tool in every area of my life, allowing me to find joy in almost every day.
Julie Clark Robinson, Live in the Moment (HB)

Your ability to prosper depends upon your ability to develop by keeping abreast with the times. The man with a spade cannot keep a pace with the man with the gang plow .
Monumental News; (old quote from 1919)


But a smile from my daughter makes me forget every ordeal.
Raymond-Raoul Lambert, Diary of a Witness
Daughter Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
The love of a daughter makes life worth living. It makes my heart full and I just keep on.
AJ Winners, The Love of a Daughter

My daughter is the most important thing in my life. It is for her alone I’m fighting.
Artelia Moore Cox, Why Own the Mountain?


Being well means having the resilience to rebound after setbacks without spiraling downward into despair. It means understanding we’ll continue to make mistakes.
James Drey, The Possibility of Joy
Resilience Quotes

Positive Quotes for the Day:
Surviving meant embracing change with unwavering confidence, constantly reinventing yourself, and having the resilience to pick yourself up and keep going when life took unexpected turns.
Jon Secada, A New Day

It is important that girls understand the necessity and value of failing, of having the resilience to pick themselves up and have another go and of the need to be vocal about their own individual successes and achievements.
Debotri Dhar, Education and Gender


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