5 lucid dream techniques

How To Lucid Dream With 5 Techniques6 min read

How To Lucid Dream In 5 Techniques

A lucid dream is a dream during which you are aware that you are dreaming and often able to influence the ongoing dream content.

Prominent figures from ancient to modern times have been fascinated by lucid dreams and have sought ways to better understand their causes and purpose.

Lucid dreaming could be a learnable skill and a range of techniques is recommended for lucid dreaming induction.

Today, you are going to learn 5 efficient techniques to lucid dream.

1 | Reality Testing

The reality testing technique, also often called the reality check method, is a technique that consists of training your mind to notice your own awareness, to be conscious of being in a dream, conscious that this is not the reality.

To perform this technique, you need to improve your level of metacognition.

(metacognition consists of having mental activity on your own mental processes, which means, “thinking on one’s own thoughts”).

reality testing

Because your level of metacognition is similar in your waking and dreaming states, you can improve him during your awake state. The objective is to create a sort of reflex, a habit.

To build this habit, you can put reminders or alarms during your day, then do your habit every time the alarm goes off.

Here are the most famous reality checks:
  • Hands: You need to take a look at your hands, especially your fingers. (do you have your 5 fingers ?)
  • Time: The time will never be the same on a clock or a watch.
  • Breathing: This one is most used, if you cannot breathe you are dreaming. 
  • Check yourself: See if you are normal, by watching yourself in a mirror, a glass… Your reflection will not be normal if you are dreaming, sometimes it can even be scary.

2 | Dream Journal

girl with a journal

An important step to lucid dreaming is to keep a dream journal by your bed. Why? 

Because  at the moment you wake up you need to write down everything you remember from your dream.

For the reason that your brain will make you forget your dreams so you don’t confuse the dream with reality.

If you don’t write fast you can record your voice on your phone. 

Knowing about what your dreams were is really important, because the dreams have a meaning, so you can understand more about yourself.

But, it’s important here because when you will be in a dream, there are chances that you remember your other dreams, and understand that you are dreaming.

Here are two applications which can be extremely useful for you:
  • Dream Journal
  • Capture – Explore your dreams


The advantage of these applications is that you can search your dream notes for recurring themes, symbols, and characters. 

By having a dream journal if you look for the patterns, things which are happening often in your dreams you will start recognizing your dreams. And therefore recognizing when you are dreaming. 

This point is extremely important, the more aware you are of your dream signs, the quicker and the better you will be able to identify when you are in a dream.

3 | Dream Signs and Patterns

As we said previously, you must review your dreams regularly. Seek for any patterns since these can offer you an insight into your psyche. 


man looking space

Also, it’s important to mention that these patterns can serve as your dream signal the details that will help you recognize when you’re dreaming.

As a sign we recommend you to choose something that is unusual and is not something that you see in real life or life of all days.

Dream signs can be anything (in the form of buildings, streets, dream characters, and so on).

These signals will vary for every individual, so familiarize yourself with them and you should be able to quickly identify when you’re in a lucid dreaming state, as we said before, things in a dream can be strange, if you recognize a dream pattern don’t panic, especially if this one is frightening. 

To find dreams signs you can also use the reality testing technique (look at your hand for example).

Every time you become successful at a dream sign, write it down the next day in your dream journal. To be better and better in this exercise.

4 | Wake Back To Bed Technique

girl in her bed lucid dreaming

This technique is one of the most popular, effective, and flexible. She consists of waking up from a dream, and you return to sleep, focusing on the dream. 

To understand better how this technique works you need to know that during your night, several cycles follow one another.

At the end of a cycle, you can wake up naturally for a few seconds or minutes. 

In total, during a night’s sleep, you are awake for ten to twelve minutes, even if you don’t remember it in the morning when you wake up.

Accordingly to this, to exercise this technique, you’ll need to schedule an alarm after 4 to 5 hours of sleep, the aim is to interrupt your sleep cycle, this should help maximize your chances of waking up, while you are dreaming. 

After you wake up, you’ll need to remain awake for a short period of time.

You’ll need to occupy yourself for 15-90 minutes, but you need to let your body sleepy and your mind awake.

Once you are returning to bed, try to recognize that you are dreaming and allow yourself to relax.

Furthermore, when you are awake, you can write your dream in a dream journal.

5 | MILD Technique

The MILD technique (Mnemonic Induction to Lucid Dreaming) is for the people who really want to lucid dream. To do this technique you only need to repeat a phrase every night.

girl with a text bubble

You need to repeat this phrase until you fall asleep. The objective is to program commands into your memory, to be recalled later on in your dreams.

Here are some phrases that you can use:
  • “Next time I’m dreaming, i’ll remember I’m dreaming”
  • “The next scene will be a dream.”
  • “I recognize that I’m dreaming.”
  • “I will have a lucid dream tonight.”
  • “I’m dreaming now.”

You need to stay focused. Repeat the affirmations until you feel like you are about to fall asleep.



  1. Reality Testing
  2. Dream Journal
  3. Dream Signs/Patterns
  4. Wake Back To Bed Technique
  5. MILD Technique
girl sitting in the sky above a forest

Now that you know all the techniques that you need to know to lucid dreaming, it’s important to know that evidently you cannot stay “stuck” in a dream due to the fact that people usually have only a certain amount of sleep and dreaming every night.

Another point is that engaging in lucid dreaming requires focus and effort. The authors of a 2019 article expressed concern that frequent lucid dreams may lead to disrupted sleep. However, it’s important to mention that Dr. Aspy explained that the lucid dreamers with whom he has worked in the past have not reported more tiredness or poorer sleep quality as a result of lucid dreaming.


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