new year resolutions and new year goals

25 New Year Resolutions & New Year Goals8 min read

25 New Year Resolutions & New Year Goals

1 | Read more

Reading books will improve your language skills and you will learn new things. Furthermore, you will improve your imagination, creativity, and reduce your stress. It can help you change as a person, you can change your life.

2 | Stop a bad habit

Bad habits have a terrible impact on your life… As a goal, you should try to stop at least one bad habit during this new year. 

Here is more information about bad activities.

3 | Spend more time with the people that matter

As you know, time passes fast. Spend more time with the people that matter to you, the real people that matter to you. Erase the bad people of your life and keep the ones that matter to you. People are not eternal. Through this year make them know that you love them and pass more time with them.

4 | Learn new skill / New hobby / New sport

By trying a new activity you will learn new things, improve yourself, discover new passions. You should try at least one new activity. It can be something that you hesitate to do for a long time!

5 | Improve your body through sport and stretching

Do you feel good about your body? So why don’t you start an activity to feel better in your body? It can be through a sport, you can grow your muscles, your strength, and your stretching. The stretching will permit you to feel freer with your body.

6 | Stop procrastinating

I imagine that you often hear that procrastinating is bad… So if you are still procrastinating stop now! When you need to make something just do it. You will go nowhere if you don’t take the actions to go on the path that you want to go. This is your life, no one will do the job for you.

7 | Become more confident, love yourself more

You are the most precious thing to you. So love yourself more, be more confident. I’m not saying that you need to have a big ego. Just to love yourself and be humble. Because the humble people are the most respectable ones.

Here are 10 ways to love yourself more.

8 | Make what you can to be happier

Only you can make the actions to be happier so do them. Also, sometimes you can think that something will make you happier but this is just a desire. Find what can make you happy and never let it go.

9 | Start saving money / Manage your money better

Managing money is tough, but you will never be “rich” if you don’t learn to manage your money. You can control more your desires, reflect more about if something is really important to buy. So you can try during this year to spend less money, reflect more on the things that you buy, and it will be a good beginning in this place.

10 | Learn a new language or improve one

During this year you can start to learn a new language, the language of the country that you are dreaming to go to for instance. You can also improve the language that you are learning, work more on your learning of this language.

11 | Become more organized

By being more organized you use your time intelligently. You will be less stressed and you’ll feel more proud of yourself for the things that you have done. By being more organized you can save more time. Being organized will also have an impact on all the things of life, not only the time.

12 | Travel more

As you know life passes fast. If you are reading that, it means that you have the chance to be able to make whatever you want of your life. So use this chance, everyone enjoys seeing new horizons, new countries. But always stay respectful, a lot of tourists are destroying the places they go (respect the country and the population of the places you go to).

13 | Reinvent yourself

You can use this year to reinvent yourself! Change your haircut, your clothes, your mindset… Change to be the person that you want to be, most likely an improvement of yourself. Here is a quote that I love: 

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.”

14 | Master your emotions

We’ve all had situations where our emotions got the best of us. The best time to handle an emotion is when you first begin to feel and experience it fully. Learning to learn your emotions will make you wise. Emotions can be really bad… For the people that are around you and for yourself.

Here is a very good book which explains very well how to control your emotions:

15 | Be more responsible

Stop rejecting the faults of others. Start assuming your errors.Take your life in hand, try to count more on yourself this year. Be more responsible through the most things you can. You will grow through this path.

16 | Spend less time on social media, on TV

You have heard this probably a million times, but this is for good reasons. Do you realize how much time you spend on your screens? You should manage the time that you pass on your screens. To work more, to enjoy life more, to use your time for the things that matter the most for you. I’m not telling to you to stop, because you can find important information like news or documentary on the TV or social media, but to stop seeing stupid things on them.

17 | Become more romantic

If you have someone in your life, use this year to be more romantic. Don’t be this couple that doesn’t know why they are together. Be this romantic couple, you can buy flowers for your girlfriend, it’s a small action, but an action that has a huge impact.

18 | Be more creative, express yourself

You can be more creative during this year through drawing for example. Express yourself through paintings, drawings… You should at least try. You can relax and think about something else by expressing your creativity.

19 | Face your fear, go out of your comfort zone

You can use this year to get out of your comfort zone. Try new things! You can go through your fears.

20 | Start a journal (Journaling)

You can keep a journal regularly. The goal is to devote a full moment of writing without doing anything else at the same time. It is also an opportunity to free yourself from thoughts that you want to leave in a notebook or on the contrary to encourage yourself by setting intentions. Finally, it’s a chance to have a moment to yourself, before the day begins.

21 | Stick to healthy habits

It’s the healthy habits we choose to do every day that add up and get us closer to your goals.

You can choose your healthy habits by yourself. But remember that the goal is to do them every day. So be reasonable.

Here is an article on some bad habits you should stop having.

22 | Learn to cook or cook better

Learning to cook or learning new cooking recipes can vary your alimentation, find a new delicious meal, prepare a delicious meal for the people that matter to you.

Nowadays a lot of people eat frozen food, or food already prepared. If you are one of them, this new year resolution should be good to try.

23 | Start doing meditation

You have probably heard everywhere that meditation has a lot of benefits. Meditation helps you be more conscious of the present moment.

You will relearn to live with yourself, to feel what is surrounding you. You’ll also explore the new horizons of your spirit.

24 | Become a volunteer

By becoming a volunteer you’ll explore new things that you’ll probably never think about. You can be a volunteer in a bunch of different areas. Obviously, if you don’t have the time it’s going to be difficult to practice this type of activity. 

25 | Take more walks outside

We finish this list on a pretty basic resolution. This is here easy to do and often neglected. Taking a walk outside (especially in the morning) will make you reconnect with yourself, with the environment you are walking in (the city that is waking up or the forest often deserted). This type of moment could help you to tame your stress, your anxiety. Relativize.


I recommend you to take a maximum of 10 new year goals/resolutions. Because if you take more it will be hard to keep making them during the whole year. Choose the smart, take your time, you are scheduling your future.


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